A Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made history in so many meaningful ways — a rich blend of tradition and pageantry infused with energy, diversity and acceptance.  It is the power of love that creates the bridge between differences.  It is the heart warming celebration of a real life fairy tale that renews hope in us.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are so relatable because of the current issues they bring to the table through the events that have touched their young lives.   It is this shared human experience that unites us all.  It is a reminder that life’s adversities show no discrimination.

Young Prince Harry lost his beloved mother at the the tender age of 12.  He struggled for 20 years with mental health issues from his stuffed emotions related to her tragic death.

Prince Harry recognized he needed help and not only did he put in the work, he became a champion for the cause — breaking tradition and openly speaking out about his personal experience.    He created a major shift in shattering the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Meghan puts a fresh perspective on the issues of race, empowerment for women and acceptance through her own life experiences.   Her parents divorced when she was a young girl and she is biracial.    Early in life, she found her voice to speak up about issues that genuinely mattered to her and she has become a strong advocate for women.

Neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle had perfect lives — and therein lies the shared human experience.  Each of us can find something in their stories that we relate to, that we understand and perhaps felt in our own lives.

Being thrown into a global spotlight, their personal stories and vulnerabilities were an open book for all of us to see.  They also have shown us their maturity, personal growth and shared desire to help others.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex brought significant change to the monarchy with their wedding celebration and marriage.  It is proof positive of what is possible when we embrace change, respect each other and find resolutions for shared issues.

There is nothing like a real life fairy tale to rekindle hope, joy and love.




















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One thought on “A Royal Wedding”

  1. All so true. I always loved fairy tales. It’s nice to know they can sometimes be real tales…….



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