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Here is a continually updated list of all the posts I have published since the inception of Inspired New Horizons. I welcome your comments and your insights, so please feel free to email me.

  • My “Starfish on the Beach” Moments
    Discover how the Daily Gummy of Wisdom is landing for others….their stories, their ideas and the difference they are making.
  • Better Out Than In
    We pushed away what we needed the most — emotional integration. We would not have such poor emotional health if we had learned how to actually use our emotions as they were intended.
  • Feeling Our Way Forward
    We got emotions wrong in prior generations. We know that now. We can no longer ignore the consequences. Integrating our emotions is a revolution for our human evolution.
  • Emotional Fitness
    It is time we move our emotional fitness to the top of our personal health list….discover why!
  • Pop a Daily Gummy of Wisdom Supplement
    You take a daily supplement for your physical and cognitive health. Now there is a daily supplement to support your emotional health and fitness, help you with your parenting skills, foster greater self awareness and overall happiness. Sign up for my Daily Gummy of Wisdom popped right into your inbox each day!
  • We Are the Change Agents
    Much gratitude to Dr. Peter Attia for punching a hole in our blind spots about the integral importance of our emotional health in the overall quality of our lives.
  • Gummies of Wisdom – Cultivating Awareness
    Now that we know our emotional health plays an integral role in our length and quality of life, let’s develop a game plan to attend to it.
  • Emotional Health
    We are on the cusp of major transformational changes for our quality of life — not only how long and healthy we live — but how emotionally strong we are too
  • Pivot Points
    What’s holding us back from being our most authentic selves? Could it be we are “rootbound” and need a little space to grow?
  • My Daily Gummies of Wisdom
    My daily gummies for personal growth boost self-awareness, cultivate relationship skills and tools, and foster a growth mindset.
  • Learning What We Want to Teach
    Eighteen years of real life experiences, in meaningful daily apprenticeship with skillful parents would better prepare the next generation to successfully navigate their lives.
  • Putting It Into Practice….
    I felt “connection” happening in the moment….In the moment that I met my emotional grandson with the tools I learned from Whole Brain Parenting
  • An Ounce of Prevention….
    I’m pulling this thread from my last blog post — and it’s not just HOW an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure; its WHY. In my post, Whole Brain Parenting, we uncovered some hidden facts about how a child’s brain develops. We learned that we are often operating on unreasonable expectations … Continue reading An Ounce of Prevention….
  • Whole Brain Parenting
    In one generation, we could dramatically shift the quality of life and overall mental well being for our children and ourselves. Learn how Whole Brain Parenting is the starting point for this pivot.
  • Turning Personal Growth on Its Head..
    Everyone hears about how “hard” personal growth work is….No wonder no one is really that interested. What if personal growth was really a “call to adventure”? What if we turned the concept upside down and discovered that it is lifetime process that empowers us, and enables us to move through life with skills that set us up for success and well being?
  • People Don’t Change….Right?
    Imagine this….in an attempt to help people with mental health and mental well being, neuroscience is making groundbreaking discoveries that we can embrace to prevent these issues and struggles. We literally can change the course of mental health with improved inner resources and life skills.
  • Living BIG
    Do you think most people are really doing the best they can? It’s a tough question and often leads us to judgment, comparison, resentment and disappointment. Find out how boundaries can point us in a much better direction for everyone.
  • A Deeper Dive into Empathy
    Many of us were raised to believe that empathy simply meant our ability to metaphorically “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. The truth is we have learned so much about empathy that we never knew. Take a few minutes to discover what we need to know.
  • Deconstructing Patience
    A family counselor told me I was too patient which led me to deconstruct the framework I was using for this core value. Learn what I discovered.
  • The Power of Visual Images
    Linking a powerful visual image to a new habit or skill you wish to cultivate is a transformational tool. Its a great way to help our brains embrace new and improved patterns.
  • External Roadblocks Matter Too…
    Solve the case of stolen time and attention…..just pay attention to your screen time. Learn simple but effective tools to take back your time and attention for what matters most.
  • Turning Roadblocks to Building Blocks
    Older generations were often labeled because of their emotions….today we know better. We can teach our young people emotional literacy and navigation. Such transformational life skills.
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – How Self Compassion Transforms Us
    Cultivating self compassion is the gateway to moving from our outdated reptilian brain to a more contemporary and evolutionary “mammalian” care system. Ready for a brain upgrade?
  • The Missing Piece of the Personal Growth Puzzle
    Understanding how our brains actually work is the missing piece for personal growth. Discover how to proactively engage with the process our brains use to help us navigate life.
  • The Mental Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep
    A good night’s sleep is a foundational component for improved mental health and overall well being. Learn why….
  • An Evolving Story…
    Unconscious limiting beliefs and old narratives about who we are, or who we are supposed to be keep us tethered to our childhood image of ourselves….learn how to clear the clutter and live more true to yourself.
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – Seeds of Growth
    My friends have been sharing stories of how their personal growth work has had such positive impacts on their family relationships and friendships.
  • How to Achieve Deliberate Growth
    Part 2 of Deliberate Growth. This is the “how to” guide for activating and installing an upgrade for your brain to overcome the turbocharged negativity bias that is the default setting of our younger brains
  • Deliberate Growth
    Game changing research reveals how we can activate and install an upgrade for our brains! Imagine the benefits of positive neuroplasticity!
  • The Problem with Loving our Problems
    Loving our problems tends to keep us stuck in the satisfaction of discussing them over and over. Transformation happens when we tap into our imaginations and get over our discomfort.
  • When Individual Personal Growth Impacts Community
    One person committed to their own personal growth work will make a meaningful difference in their family and their community
  • “Whatever he has, I want it!”
    Hugh Jackman breaks ground….in the personal growth and self awareness community….”I want what he has” is inspired by Hugh’s experience shared in a 4 day relationship summit
  • Don’t Hit Snooze on a Wake Up Call
    Country Super Star Brett Eldredge has an inspirational conversation with Ed Mylett about his personal experiences with anxiety, self doubt, imposter syndrome, panic attacks and a learning disability. Discover how he is overcoming them all.
  • A Mindfulness Community
    When mindfulness meets a local community, there is a transforming and positive shift
  • The Magic of a “Good Enough” Parent
    Parenting is hard and we make it harder by wanting to be perfect….being “good enough” is better than perfect – and showing up is where the magic happens.
  • Try Some Self-Compassion
    So often our old narratives, created in childhood, are holding us back from living a wholehearted life today….Self Compassion helps us extract the life lessons that guide us rather than old stories that misdirect us.
  • Intuition Whispers….
    Trust your intuition, find a few good friends who will have your back, and be prepared for whatever the future has in store by becoming your best self.
  • Spring Cleaning
    A little spring cleaning on our inner environment might be just the ticket to giving ourselves more space for the good stuff in life.
  • Under the Surface..
    We all have stratifications under our surface…they are comprised of a lifetime of experiences and emotions. How are they impacting your quality of life?
  • May I Have Your Attention?
    “What you pay attention to IS your life” – Dr. Amishi Jha provides profound new discoveries about our superpower –attention — and how we can train it!
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – Insights from Others
    This installment of Nuggets of Wisdom features quotes and posts from a few of my favorite inspirational resources.
  • Mindfulness: A Brain Game-Changer
    What we are discovering about mindfulness is a game changer for flourishing in our lives. What does it mean to flourish? To feel good and function well!
  • Two Peas in a Pod
    The transformational power in a rekindled friendship and the willingness to be “study buddies” for personal growth….
  • Nuggets of Wisdom — Unlearning & Relearning
    My monthly Nuggets of Wisdom post offer highlights of personal growth lessons and teachings from recent podcasts, books and conversations
  • What We Got Wrong about Vulnerability
    Breakthrough discoveries about old beliefs about vulnerability and regret are having positive impacts on humanity — and the quality of our most important relationships….
  • Regret and Reflection
    Author Dan Pink is on a mission to help us understand the incredible transformational power of processing regret to extract transformational life lessons. How his work and Brene Brown’s are intersecting for some incredible self awareness tools.
  • Entangled Behavioral Patterns
    My friends and I have been exploring how our behavioral patterns get entangled in our relationships — from partners and friends, to children and siblings. Curiosity on this topic led to some fascinating discoveries.
  • The Transformational Power of an Apology
    Some of the greatest gifts that come from a sincere apology are the release of pain, the freeing of false or limiting beliefs, and true clarity about the events and behaviors that were often made very murky by big emotions. An apology offers these healing gifts to both the Giver and the Receiver. A recent … Continue reading The Transformational Power of an Apology
  • My Personal Tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh
    Thich Nhat Hanh made an indelible imprint on me….and changed my life for the better through his soft spoken teachings
  • Building Blocks for Better Stories
    Part Two of my thoughts on how we can re-write our own stories — and just as importantly help our younger generations build better stories for themselves.
  • Re-Writing Our Story
    A recent Typology podcast with Ian Cron inspired me to do a little more forensic excavating into my own childhood story. It was Ian’s comment that we need to go back and uproot that old childhood narrative that no longer serves us well as adults that motivated me to do so. The striking difference in … Continue reading Re-Writing Our Story
  • Expanding our Emotional Vocabulary
    In Brene Brown’s newest book, Atlas of the Heart, you will have an invaluable reference guide for understanding emotions — yours and others.
  • Getting to Know YOU….
    Do you love really getting to know someone? Do you find yourself drawn to a new friend, eager to hear their story and gleefully discovering common interests, common ground? What stories do you tell your new friend about you? I was thinking a. lot about Brene Brown sharing with us in Atlas of the Heart … Continue reading Getting to Know YOU….
  • New Year, New Look
    Happy New Year and a Happy New look for my blog. Feeling inspired by a growing community of others who are embracing self-discovery and becoming their authentic selves
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – The Gifts of Awareness
    Little nuggets of wisdom about awareness of aha moments in our daily lives — the little moments that make meaningful differences in how we are embracing life — no matter how fast and furious it might be coming at us.
  • Becoming Part of Something Bigger
    When I first began my self-discovery journey about six years ago, I had no idea what incredible gifts I would find along the way. At the onset, I was cobbling together teachings from notable mindfulness gurus like Pema Chodrun, Deepak Chopra and Thich Nhat Hahn. I relied on Mindfulness Magazine and to help me … Continue reading Becoming Part of Something Bigger
  • Genuine Listening
    Navigating hard conversations, setting boundaries and learning to listen to gain understanding….
  • What Gives Me Hope
    What Gives me Hope is all the light carriers, the mapmakers, the seed sowers and storytellers….They tap into vulnerability and make meaningful connections
  • Nuggets of Wisdom — Lessons Learned from Children
    Some of my best lessons came from learning about childhood experiences…and interactions with my grandchildren.
  • Broken Spirits…..Part 2
    an important P.S. to my blog post Broken Spirits — discovering how we can get snagged on unprocessed events from our past
  • Broken Spirits
    We will all experience broken hearts and broken spirits in our lifetime….how we show up for each other can help us heal
  • Scattering the Seeds of Change
    Anytime you offer someone an insight you gained from personal growth, or recommend a worthy book or podcast, you are helping spread the seeds of positive change…..
  • The Journey
    It’s starting to show…..the positive ways that my personal growth journey is showing up n everyday life.
  • Profoundly Helping the Next Generation
    Sharing awesome and revelational tools for meaningful parenting ….
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – Personal Growth Insights
    It’s the second of my new segment of my blog – Nuggets of Wisdom. This post focuses on Personal Growth Insights from shared conversations with my close friends.
  • Present Day Me in my Hometown
    A visit to my hometown with a fresh perspective about what shapes us as we grow through the decades and the importance of lasting friendships.
  • Inspiration from Imperfections
    My Zoom book club has taken a summer break and I am missing the camaraderie of good friends taking deep dives into rich conversations about life. Perhaps it is why listening to Brene Brown and her twin sisters, Barrett and Ashley, discuss the ten guideposts of the Gifts of Imperfection has been such a treat. … Continue reading Inspiration from Imperfections
  • Nuggets of Wisdom – Visual Images
    Visual images are some of the most beneficial aids in my mindfulness toolbox. Today’s post is chock full of my “go to” images that I depend upon to keep me present in the moment and showing up in an authentic way. Even if I’m feeling really strong emotions (mine or others), these helpful tools keep … Continue reading Nuggets of Wisdom – Visual Images
  • Correlations and Connections…
    Inspired by conversations with my son, my son in law and deep thinking friends, I stitch together what I’m learning from diverse resources on some of our collective bigger problems.
  • Older and Wiser Parenthood
    Being a parent to my adult children has become one of the greatest joys in my life. Offering my lessons learned wrapped in unconditional love and the wisdom to let them find their own way.
  • Nuggets of Wisdom
    A new feature for my blog — Sharing my Nuggets of Wisdom — my personalized bite-sized quotes about mindful living.
  • Red Flag Insights
    Relationships are messy but they don’t have to be dysfunctional. Paying attention to areas where we can grow and flourish is our path to rich, sustaining relationships.
  • Empathy – Essential and Endangered
    One of the big discoveries on my personal growth journey has been that the more I get to really know myself, the more I have expanded my awareness of others. I often find myself wondering what others have experienced in their lives that impacts how they show up for themselves and their relationships. My deep … Continue reading Empathy – Essential and Endangered
  • Trailblazers, Teachers and Lamplighters
    The Hero’s Journey awaits us all…discover why I’m so excited about how we can all contributing to a better future.
  • Master Class
    Self discovery is getting exciting — Overlay Dr. Bruce Perry’s work with Brene Brown’s and the Enneagram — to ramp up your own self-discovery and awareness.
  • The Malleable Brain
    Sharing some revelational insights about our brains that will help us all take better care of our mental wellness.
  • Be the Difference
    After watching The Me You Can’t See Documentary, I reflected on the individuals who had a big impact in my hardest life struggles.
  • Untangled
    Every member of a relationship brings their mental health with them – and sometimes it becomes so entangled it becomes an impediment to happiness.
  • Fresh Start
    Take advantage of the “fresh start effect” to make meaningful changes as we emerge from the pandemic.
  • Life’s Unfinished Business
    I made a new friend last year and marveled at how quickly we bonded, finding common ground through similarity in our life experiences. There was an ease to the unfolding of our friendship that had a child-like wonderment to it. We both seemed to have some depth to us that the other found intriguing. I … Continue reading Life’s Unfinished Business
  • Breaking the Chain
    Over this past year, I gained a deeper understanding of the impact of childhood experiences from one generation to the next. As I read this page from Clarity &. Connection by Yung Pueblo, I paused to reflect on just how true these words are. Often when I read a page in this book, I do … Continue reading Breaking the Chain
  • Happy Mother’s Day
    My adult son’s memories became the best Mother’s Day gift….
  • Beautiful Cheetahs
    What unfolded from a Zoom Book Club of mostly strangers launched during quarantine 2020
  • Constant Companion
    Vulnerability is a fine precision tool that drills small openings in our armor, our fears and our awareness. A series of tiny. little openings allowing light to fall into the “what matters most” center of our being. It is the continual “breaking open” process that nourishes our life. The very word “vulnerability” conjures up images … Continue reading Constant Companion
  • A Framework and a Process
    Combining the skill sets of the Advice Trap with the awareness of the enneagram helps us break free of old patterns and emerge into a better way to empower others.
  • The Big Why
    The enneagram is showing up in some really fascinating places. How this tool is creatively being used for healing and thriving.
  • Authors of our Own Stories
    This may be an opportune time to refresh the narratives we’ve authored about our life and experiences.
  • Inner Child
    I’m celebrating another milestone today — I have been blogging for 5 whole years! What initially was a rather daunting commitment to myself has become a source of great joy. I have reawakened my love of creative writing through a blog that I started as a means to hold myself accountable to personal growth. I’ve … Continue reading Inner Child
  • Happy Birthday Tribute
    Today would be Skip’s 76th birthday and I wanted to share some of my beautiful memories as a tribute to this remarkable man.
  • Welcome Change
    Shifting from a born “helper” to a “befriender” was a game-changing transformation and a step in the right direction for making a meaningful difference in others lives.
  • Growth Spurts
    I am feeling, really feeling the transformation in the ways that I am showing up in my own life and for others.
  • The Transformational Wonders of Story
    Imagine being able to find just what you need to build courage, heal from grief, or excite your curiosity from literature. What if the elements of story could unlock our imaginations, emotions and even our psyche to improve our quality of life and mental health? Dr. Angus Fletcher will rock your world with his research … Continue reading The Transformational Wonders of Story
  • When the Students Become Teachers
    Witnessing the evolution of personal growth and self discovery in younger generations offers hope and inspiration.
  • Evolving or Revolving?
    We have a choice to learn from our past and evolve into a better version of ourselves and our lives. Dr. Edith Eger helps us choose to evolve rather than revolve.
  • A Meaningful Gardening Metaphor
    Many who know me, know that I am an avid gardener. My love of gardening started early in life and has brought me so much joy over the years. One of my greatest pleasures is taking an overgrown jungle and turning it into a lush, textured and colorful retreat. Years ago, I nicknamed one of … Continue reading A Meaningful Gardening Metaphor
  • My Coat with Many Pockets
    Gathering bits of wisdom and tucking them in my pockets…..
  • The Magic of Holding Space
    Discovering the magic that comes from “holding space” for ourselves and others
  • Surrender in the Storm
    A pond lies calm, basking in full sun, her waters crystal clear She is at ease, peaceful and undisturbed Unaware….maybe acutely aware…mindful that she is all she needs in this moment To lie still and bask in warm sunlight Storm clouds gather above turning warmth and light to dark, deep dark A chilling wind blows … Continue reading Surrender in the Storm
  • Slow Riser
    Imagining morning as young woman opening the new day like a rare gift
  • Big Dreams, Wild Imagination
    Big dreams and imagination go hand in hand..and can serve as fresh approaches for problem solving.