March 2016

What could be better than a fun girlfriend getaway to a tropical paradise?  Why, adding golf to the mix of course!

My three Pennsylvania friends were more than happy to escape the snow, ice and cold of the Northeast and head to warm, sun-drenched Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The treat for me was the rare chance to spend quality time with three fun women I haven’t seen in a very long time.


Shelby, Bonnie, Diane and Amy

Diane, Shelby, Bonnie and I spent four fun-filled days together, playing two rounds of golf at Cinnamon Hill and one at White Witch.   We weren’t sure the caddies really helped our games, but we were sure they had side bets on us each day.  Each of us reveled in each others “shots of the day” and we weren’t too shy about celebrating them!  There was an abundance of laughter throughout our rounds, shaking off bad shots in a hurry and delighting in each other’s company and comraderie.

Signature Hole Par 3 on White Witch Golf Course

I’d been to Rose Hall, Montego Bay, about six years ago with twenty women from Lancaster Country Club on our annual Women’s Winter Getaway. I had a lot of notable memories from that trip and the friendships that were forged over golf, poolside chats, and late night drinks. Since my golf game has improved since then, I was also eager to take on the White Witch course one more time. I recalled that it was incredibly beautiful with many elevation changes.  It didn’t disappoint!  Shelby and I had our best rounds of the week on that course.

One of the most pleasurable parts of a girls golf trip is the leisurely poolside lunches sipping frosty cocktails, reliving the golf round (possibly embellishing it), soaking up the sun, the breeze and friendship.

Afternoons were spent relaxing on lounge chairs facing the ocean, solving the world’s problems and sharing stories of family and our fantastic grandchildren.

One night was utter chaos when a spontaneous thunderstorm forced the outdoor Jamaican fiesta indoors.  Who knew that Chex Mix and cocktails would have to hold us over for hours while we waited for dry seats and dinner?  As often happens, the best times often come from interrupted plans.  We made some new friends at the bar that evening!

Each evening as we made our way back to our rooms, Diane and I would pass the energetic Jamaican entertainers and it was like a siren call to me!  I can’t resist a dance floor and rocking tropical music.  Most of the time my dance partners were small children whose parents were too shy to join them — hey, someone has to be in the initiator…or is it instigator?  Those talented Jamaican women dancers taught me a few new moves.  I’ve got to remember that dancing like that is one of the most fun forms of exercise on the planet!

The days flew by much too fast but the memories of our good times and friendship will last forever.

White Witch Clubhouse, Rose Hall, Jamaica