Surrender in the Storm

A pond lies calm, basking in full sun, her waters crystal clear

She is at ease, peaceful and undisturbed

Unaware….maybe acutely aware…mindful that she is all she needs in this moment

To lie still and bask in warm sunlight

Storm clouds gather above turning warmth and light to dark, deep dark

A chilling wind blows hard stealing warmth from the air

Shifting winds swirl in opposing directions at once increasing in force

Debris pierces the calmness of the pond’s surface

Sinking to the bottom, exploding in thick wet sand

The once calm waters churn in turbulent winds, spilling tears over her banks

Swollen rain clouds release the torrents begging to join the tempest

Sediment, sentiment, stirs at the bottom stretching up into once clear waters

Waters turn as dark and cloudy as the sky above

A reflection of the chaos reigning in this moment

She is wise, lying still, observing the changes above and within, external and her own

She sits quietly, impatient at times, restless, recognizing discontent

Once she’d long for a return to her usual calmness, all things staying the same

Now she observes with curiosity, discovering

There is a forward movement in those swirling winds, inviting change and adventure

The chill in the air makes her more appreciative of the warm kiss of sunlight

The churning sediment lodged in her heart is freeing

It rises up …. a million particles dancing freely.

A new landscape being created in her heart

No longer flat and compacted

A vast and fascinating landscape, with contours and sandcastles, complex and simple

A veritable playground of a happy, contented life full of memories and promises anew

She smiles contentedly for the first time in quite a while as the winds wave goodbye

The first morning light turns the sky red, then pink

And oh so slowly….the warmth of the sun touches the surface

A calming touch, invoking acceptance

She rests, content to watch the gentle unfolding, rebuilding

A settling of her new enriched, enlightened life

—–written, April 2019

Published by

Inspired New Horizons

I am blogging about reinventing myself in my retirement years as an independent woman free to fully enjoy life's adventures, while practicing mindfulness and discovering my life's purposes.

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