Best of Intentions

Having good intentions is a great place to start if you want to improve your life and your relationships. Keeping your intention at the forefront of your daily actions and behaviors becomes the game changer.


The latest special edition of Time Magazine is devoted to Mindfulness.  Its a great introduction to the new science of improved health and increased happiness by incorporating mindfulness.


Mallika Chopra’s article entitled “Yes, You Can Live with Intent”  really grabbed my attention.  This one sentence practically jumped off the page:

 Intention is about living each moment with integrity and in keeping with what matters most to you.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for almost two years and very recently noticed that as I peel off the layers of my “onion”, I’m getting more clarity about what truly matters most to me.    Trust, respect, peace and compassion are at the top of my list.   How do I ensure that these qualities are more present in my everyday life?


To be committed to positive changes in our lives,  Mallika urges us to be clear about our heartfelt desires and create the best environment to cultivate them.  She encourages us to look closely at the areas of our life that aren’t working and embrace small personal changes that will move us in the right direction.


It dawned on me that I’ve been thwarting my own heartfelt desires by tolerating and even accepting other’s negative behaviors and their resulting messy situations when I swoop in to “help”.

Helping others is one of my greatest personal satisfactions.  Truthfully,  I haven’t always made the best decisions about those to whom  I’ve committed my help, support and energy.  So here I am, with good intentions towards others — and its backfiring!

My “aha” moment was recognizing that when I’m sacrificing my own happiness to help another, I’m not even close to what matters most to me.

After all, how can I be my best self when another’s behaviors and resulting consequences are in conflict with my core values?  Will I be truly present or will my mind be racing?

An important secondary goal is to give others the knowledge, tools and encouragement they need to flourish.  In the past I often jumped in, did all the work, solved the problem and then was frustrated to see the same patterns or mistakes repeated.  It left me tired and disappointed and was not of any lasting value to the individual I wanted to help.

I need to find ways to get others involved and invested in positive changes.


I’m inspired by my children and grandchildren to become a strong, positive influence and role model.  Together we are incorporating mindfulness and healthy life decisions into our day to day activities.  It’s fun and rewarding.

That’s the big takeaway from Mallika Chopra’s inspiration:    Align your core values with your good intentions, nurture and encourage.  It feels good and it makes a meaningful difference.





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I am blogging about reinventing myself in my retirement years as an independent woman free to fully enjoy life's adventures, while practicing mindfulness and discovering my life's purposes.

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