Thankful Reflections

My kitchen is filled to overflowing — with aromas of a roasting turkey and savory gravy, with the sounds of children giggling and the clanging of a box of legos being dumped in the middle of the kitchen floor, my eyes feasting on three generations — grandparents, parents and children. It is a hundred years ago and it is yesterday — such is the magic of time travel through our memories.

I find myself smiling on the outside and hugging myself on the inside today as I graciously acknowledge that today I am the elder generation — I am the grandmother who sits with the little ones and cuts paper turkeys from construction paper, while glue and colorful feathers fly across the table. My daughter is cooking and the smells of her delectable dishes fill the kitchen with a unique combination of smells and the memories those fragrant aromas evoke from the past. I watch my little grandson don a jacket and beanie and walk hand in hand with his dad out into the crisp morning air and I blink my eyes — that little guy looks just like my now 43 year old son at age 3.

For a woman who strives to be present for this moment, I give myself permission on this day of thanks to zig and zag through present moments and past memories. Perhaps it is what this day is really meant to give to us — a rare opportunity to steep ourselves in the goodness of today’s gifts, while giving thanks for the enriching memories of past Thanksgivings.

Today I have this rare insight that one day my own daughter will be me — the grandmother. She will watch her own daughter preparing the meal and she will be telling stories to her grandchildren about Thanksgiving memories.

The thread of life weaves its way through time, stringing together memories and present moments like a festive garland. Soak it in. Hold your memories tenderly and shower your present moments with heart filling awareness.

Happy, blessed Thanksgiving!

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I am blogging about reinventing myself in my retirement years as an independent woman free to fully enjoy life's adventures, while practicing mindfulness and discovering my life's purposes.

One thought on “Thankful Reflections”

  1. Sooo beautifully written, Amy! The joys of being a mother and grandmother are the absolute best! I know you are enjoying this very special day! Xoxo

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